31 December 2011

Remote working in Kenya

I am currently with my family in Kenya spending my annual leave with the old folks. It is mostly holiday but I have also been working remotely and exploring some potential business opportunities.

Kenya already has extensive 3G coverage but I am now also benefiting from a direct fiber-optic internet connection to my parent's home that delivers 10 mB per second download and an excellent 7 mB per second upload.

Thanks to these speeds I was able to attend a 3 hour workshop via Skype which worked pretty well; however, it was the client's slower internet connection in Finland that prevented me from opening the video connection both ways.

We have spent four days traveling on safari and to the coast. And thanks to my Mum's Safaricom 3G USB modem I was able to work effectively on the upgraded Mombassa road – a long eight hour journey that in the past had been somewhat tedious.

So in Kenya it is now possible to continue being a corporate road warrior – especially when working collaboratively as normal for us via Podio (Zipipop) and Yammer (clients); although it was probably for the best that the coverage didn't quite reach the campsite we were staying at in Tsavo national park.

There is a really a buzz in Kenya at the moment, with construction and business activity going on apace; and thanks in part to international success stories such as Ushahidi and M-PESA, there is growing sense of optimism in the IT sector.

I will be presenting at the iHub Nairobi on 10 January, and will be looking out for the next exciting IT stories to come out of East Africa.

Happy New Year!



Jay McLaren said...

Loved your presentation yesterday!! Awesome work!!

Anonymous said...

Några riktigt intressanta detaljer du har written.Aided mig mycket, precis vad jag letade efter: D.